Unforgiven started back in 2007 as a group of like-minded, mature folks that wanted a more hardcore World of Warcraft experience, to push for progression with our dedicated raiders finally combined in one raid to make one powerhouse guild. Many South African firsts were claimed by Unforgiven in years to follow. Since then, the guild has evolved into much more - a true gaming community of friends, many of whom are veteran Quake and Counter Strike players. Currently we have players excelling in games like Starcraft, Battlefield and we will definitely be playing a ton of Diablo III when it is released.

In 2013 we moved to Ragnaros-EU and merged with our old brethren: BBDC, for a more relaxed pace of World of Warcraft raiding, leaving more time for one of life's important aspects: Booty. With the release of Warlords of Draenor we had a guild vote to choose a new name, favouring neither of the old but a new beginning for all: This has marked the beginning of Resurgence.

If this sounds like a home to you - feel free to apply to join our ranks.

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